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Post-genomic fiction

He wants to live long enough to witness a news, post-genomic fiction. one that grasps the interpenetrating loops of inheritance and upbringing so tangled that every cause is some other cause’s effect. One that, through a kind of collaborative writing, shakes free of the prejudices of any individual maker. For now, fiction remains at best […]

Brave New World

“You’re going to make us all happy. Is that the plan?” His eyebrows crumple and his lips sour. She’s hurt him, at least as much as he’s capable of being hurt by anyone. He shrugs off her mockery. “A little more capable of being well in the world. But not if you don’t want it, […]


I turned in mid-bridge and looked back where we had walked, saw the miles of fossil-fuel blazing, the millenia of buried plant beds going up in smoke in an endless point-tapestry of yellows and fire-blue greens and incandescent whites – a rush of unstoppable, jarring intervals. No matter how I moved or where I stood, […]