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Antonin Artaud, from Theatre and Its Double

All true alchemists know alchemical symbols are chimeras just as theatre is a chimera. And this eternal reference to the fundamental principles and objects in theatre, found in almost all alchemist texts, ought to be understood as a feeling (the alchemists being extraordinarily conscious of it) of the similarity there is between the level on […]


CHAOSMOS.PL – Polska sztuka ezoteryczna XXI wieku

Not High Church at all

The Starry Wisdom Church was not 00005’s idea of a proper ecclesiastical shop by any means. The architecture was a shade too Gothic, the designs on the stained-glass windows a bit unpleasantly suggestive for a holy atmosphere (“My God, they must be bloody wogs,” he thought), and when he opened the door, the altar was […]

Cyberia po polsku!

Kultowa i niezwykle ważna dla rozwoju myślenia o nowych technologiach i spoleczeństwie książka Douglasa Rushkoffa nareszcie po polsku!!! Dostępna w cudownie szalonym wydawnictwie Okultura. And Douglas blogged about it, too!


The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons – a fascinating key American rocket researcher AND an occultist

Phil Hine on personal demons

Personal demons are latent structures within the psyche, unresolved complexes and repressed ‘voices’ thrown up by the ego as a defensive measure. They act seemingly independently of our conscious volition so that we experience them as beyond our control. These structures are habitual emotional or behavioral patterns which are experienced, at times, as problematic—something which […]

Austin Osman Spare

Some believe any and every thing is symbolic, and can be transcribed, and explain the occult, but of what they do not know. (Great spiritual truths?) So argument a metaphor, cautiously confusing the obvious which developes the hidden virtue. This unnecessary corpulency, however impressive, is it not disgusting? (The Elephant is exceeding large but extremely […]