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Write into dread

“My tendency is to write into dread in order to reveal to myself, as much as to any reader that may come after, the varied complacencies that make other, mostly more conventional writings, readable. It’s at the frontier between readability (security) and unreadability (terror) that I want to live creatively. That frontier is dread, a […]

DFW – more

True, Wallace was a head case, but in the sense that we’re all head cases: encased in our skulls, and sealed off from our fellow humans, we have worlds upon worlds of teeming, unruly sensations, emotions, attitudes, opinions and-that chillingly neutral word-information. “What goes on inside,” Wallace wrote in “Good Old Neon,” is just too […]

From Masocriticism by Paul Mann

Zone Apocalyptic cults and youth gangs, colleges and phalansteries, espionage networks trading in vaporous facts and networks of home shoppers for illicit goods; monastic, penological, mutant-biomorphic, and anarcho-terrorist cells; renegade churches, garage bands, dwarf communities, norisk survivalist enclaves, unfunded quasiscientific research units, paranoid think tanks, unregistered political parties, subemployed workers’ councils, endo-exile colonies, glossolaliac fan […]

American Psycho

… where there was nature and earth, life and water, I saw a desert landscape that was unending, resembling some sort of crater, so devoid of reason and light and spirit that the mind could not grasp it on any sort of conscious level and if you came close the mind would reel backward, unable […]

The Echo Maker

All the humans revered Crane, the great orator. Where cranes gathered, thier speech carried miles. The Aztecs called themselves the Crane people. * * * He lay awake, thinking of the answers he should have given, seeing the cracks in his ceiling a frozen synapses. Sometime after 3:00 a.m., it occurred to him that he […]

Mad travellers

You wake up one morning, the whole world is grey, you have had enough of your cold, colourless life. You want to drop everything, escape, far away, where life is real. Who has not had this dream from time to time? Nothing could be more normal. The desire to escape, to travel, is deeply rooted […]