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I have only myself and where I’ve been and what I found and what I now bring. And it will frighten you. Mark Danielewski The Fifty Year Sword

Rainer Maria Rilke “Go to the Limits of Your Longing”

God speaks to each of us as he makes us,then walks with us silently out of the night. These are the words we dimly hear: You, sent out beyond your recall,go to the limits of your longing.Embody me. Flare up like a flameand make big shadows I can move in. Let everything happen to you: […]

A gorgeous, moving, powerful post

“The more I write, the more I know the perils of transcribing media onto one’s own life and morals. I also know the power of claiming stories as our own, to tell anew, to rewrite, to build beyond, or even just as a marker that we are not alone. All the things I consumed in […]

The New Pornography

Do not imagine that the pornography upon which you are engaged will ever authorize any possible explanation, interpretation, or knowledge of the world; you have riskier, more interesting work to do. Pornographic invention is neither an alternative form of knowledge, nor does it replace knowledge. Rather, it is the irreducible supplement of knowing, pornographic invention […]

The Woods

What’s your particular intent? Taking people to places that are completely unfamiliar to them. Basically dragging people into the woods. Why? That’s what turns me on, to do that. Do you think people need it? I need it and I like other people doing it to me. I wish people would do it more, I […]

PKD’s God

God, he thought, and felt ill. Was this what Tanya Lee had called the “aquatic horror” shape? It had no shape. Nor pseudopodia, either flesh or metal. It was, in a sense, not there at all; when he managed to look directly at it, the shape vanished; he saw through it, saw the people on […]

2005 Cornell Commencement Address

May 29, 2005 Commencement Address Cornell University President Jeffrey S. Lehman May 29, 2005 Members of the Class of 2005, candidates for advanced degrees, families and friends of the graduates, Chairman Meinig and other members of the Board of Trustees, honored guests. On behalf of my colleagues on the faculty, it is my privilege to […]

You will not be saved

According to the mechanic, another new fight club rule is that fight club will always be free. It will never cost to get in. The mechanic yells out the driver’s window into the oncoming traffic and the night wind pouring down the side of the car: “We want you, not your money.”   The mechanic yells […]


Very leftist, very Situationist, very brilliant. Here. I particularly like Ben Watson’s “Music, Violence, Truth” written after 9/11.

Tom Waits – Black Wings

Take an eye for an eye Take a tooth for a tooth Just like they say in the Bible Never leave a trace or forget a face Of any man at the table Any man at the table When the moon is a cold chiseled dagger Sharp enough to draw blood from a stone He […]

Cellina von Mannstein

Zdecydowanie nie dla nieletnich – obrazy nie aż tak super wyjątkowe ale z takim nazwiskiem gotyckość i złowieszczość wzrasta o jakieś 57 procent. Teza: nasze odczucia względem wszelkiej maści projektów artystycznych są radykalnie kształtowane przez adekwatność (która jest w jakimś stopniu bardzo arbitralna) nazwy, tytułu czy sloganu reklamowego – a dzieje się to dokładnie podczas […]

The rebel

Moi after my meme-brother mkl after Dr. Hyatt …. The rebel, the one who sought and tamed new frontiers, once revered as hero and mystic, is now turned into the sociopath. This transformation from hero to devil is partially a result of the tability demanded by those who come after him (the middle class) to […]

Into the Wild

The desert is the environment of revelation, genetically and physiologically alien, sensorily austere, esthetically abstract, historically inimical…. Its forms are bold and suggestive. The mind is beset by light and space, the kinesthetic novelty of aridity, high temperature, and wind. The desert sky is encircling, majestic, terrible. In other habitats, the rim of sky above […]


“A ritual includes the letting of blood. Rituals which fail in this requirement are but mock rituals.” (Cormac McCarthy)

Breath control

Who wouldn’t want a good girl, a soft hand, a gentle woman for a gentleman? He said, “It’s been fine so far but after a while I want more than a soft style. I want some slashes to go with those long eyelashes.” And so the bedroom became the black room but a year later […]

Southland Tales

The most insane, the most radical, the most mind-boggling piece of cinematic art this side of whatever. Period. Said I.

The Dreamer Is Still Asleep

May I ask you all for silence The dreamer is still asleep May the goddess keep us from single vision And you too sleep The dreamer is still asleep The dreamer is still asleep He’s inventing landscapes and the magnetic fields Working out the means of escape We’ll cut across the crop circles He says […]

Michael Gira on Neurosis

It’s not the kind of music I listen to but I saw them live a couple of times and it was like watching Samurai warriors in preparation for attacking a village or something, it’s so intense.