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John Crowley’s Daemonomania

When the world ends, it ends somewhat differently for each soul then alive to see it; the end doesn’t come all at once but passes and repasses over the world like the shivers that pass over a horse’s skin. The coming of the end might at first lift and shake just one county, one neighborhood, […]

Henry Rollins – Solipsist – closing lines

I have several hundred acres of property in the desert. In the middle of the land is a house in which I live. Instead of having bare wasteland to look at, I have brought in several tons of wreckage. Twisted car bodies litter the barren expanse. Every piece of airline wreckage I can buy or […]

William Burroughs – Western Lands

I want to reach the Western Lands – right in front of you, across the bubbling brook. It’s a frozen sewer. It’s known as the Duad, remember? All the filth and horror, fear, hate, disease and death of human history flows between you and Western Lands. Let it flow! My cat Fletch stretches behind me […]

J. G. Ballard again

One of his best – if not off-center – obituaries produced after his death.

Dave Szulborski

Dave Szulborski, the author of the fascinating This Is Not A Game, has passed away. More details here.

J. G. Ballard died

from The Atrocity Exhibition CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE GENERATIONS OF AMERICA These are the generations of America. Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert F. Kennedy. And Ethel M. Kennedy shot Judith Birnbaum. And Judith Birnbaum shot Elizabeth Bochnak. And Elizabeth Bochnak shot Andrew Witwer. And Andrew Witwer shot John Burlingham. And John Burlingham shot Edward R. Darlington. And […]

Eve Kosofsky-Sedgwick

.. died.


I turned in mid-bridge and looked back where we had walked, saw the miles of fossil-fuel blazing, the millenia of buried plant beds going up in smoke in an endless point-tapestry of yellows and fire-blue greens and incandescent whites – a rush of unstoppable, jarring intervals. No matter how I moved or where I stood, […]

John Updike

John Updike nie żyje

DFW once again

The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace

You will not be saved

According to the mechanic, another new fight club rule is that fight club will always be free. It will never cost to get in. The mechanic yells out the driver’s window into the oncoming traffic and the night wind pouring down the side of the car: “We want you, not your money.”   The mechanic yells […]

DFW – more

True, Wallace was a head case, but in the sense that we’re all head cases: encased in our skulls, and sealed off from our fellow humans, we have worlds upon worlds of teeming, unruly sensations, emotions, attitudes, opinions and-that chillingly neutral word-information. “What goes on inside,” Wallace wrote in “Good Old Neon,” is just too […]

DFW dead

David Foster Wallace committed suicide last Friday, September 12th. Reports here, here, and here. If you have not, this may be a good time to read his Infinite Jest. A part of his 2005 Commencement Speech at Kenyon College seems very foreboding in the light of the above: Twenty years after my own graduation, I […]

William Butler Yeats “The Second Coming”

Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Surely some […]

Why we need the Gothic

We crave it because we need it. We need it because the twentieth century has so forcefully taken away from us that which we once thought constituted us – a coherent psyche, a social order to which we can pledge allegiance in good faith, a sense of justice in the universe – and that wrenching […]

In the Valley of Elah

The paraphrase of Salman Rushdie on Pynchon’s Vineland: The movie about what America has been doing to itself and its children all these years.

American Psycho

… where there was nature and earth, life and water, I saw a desert landscape that was unending, resembling some sort of crater, so devoid of reason and light and spirit that the mind could not grasp it on any sort of conscious level and if you came close the mind would reel backward, unable […]

The beginning

This much I’m certain of: it doesn’t happen immediately. You’ll finish and that will be that, until a moment will come, maybe in a month, maybe a year, maybe even several years. You’ll be sick or feeling troubled or deeply in love or quietly uncertain or even content for the first time in your life. […]

The Echo Maker

All the humans revered Crane, the great orator. Where cranes gathered, thier speech carried miles. The Aztecs called themselves the Crane people. * * * He lay awake, thinking of the answers he should have given, seeing the cracks in his ceiling a frozen synapses. Sometime after 3:00 a.m., it occurred to him that he […]


Możemy bowiem odrzucić naiwne wizje, zgodnie z którymi wraz z upływem czasu nasza cywilizacja wznosić się będzie na coraz to wyższe poziomy poznania, może nawiąże kontakt z braćmi w rozumie z innych zakątków Wszechświata i połączymy siły, by wspólnie osiągnąć panowanie nad czasem i przestrzenią. Nic z tego. Światy będą się raczej rodzić i umierać […]

Iphigenia Deme

Her name was Iphigenia Deme, Iffy to those of her friends that had not yet been slaughtered by Protectorate forces. Her last words, strapped to the interrogation table downstairs at Number Eighteen, Shimatsu Boulevard, are reputed to have been: That’s fucking enough! The explosion brought the entire building down.


Arthur C. Clarke – 18 March 2008

Lydia Lunch on ‘Music Inspired By The Film Last Man Standing’

How long would it take to walk yourself to death? Would you shoot a hole in your hand to drink your own blood if you were stranded on an endless sand plain, the only sign of life – what’s left of your own? Escape is essential. You flee to avoid capture, to temporarily outrun retribution. […]