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The Dream of the Shadow of Smoke

“So is every man. He is born in vanity and sin. He comes into the world like morning mushrooms, soon thrustling up their heads into the air, and conversing with their kindred of the same production, and as soon as they turn to dust and forgetfulness, some of them without any other interest in the […]

I Have A Special Plan For This World

I Have A Special Plan For This World by Current 93 & Thomas Ligotti when everyone you have ever loved is finally gone when everything you have ever wanted is finally done with when all of your nightmares are for a time obscured as by a shining brainless beacon or a blinding eclipse of the […]

The Inmost Light

“What permeates life completely, I believe, is The Inmost Light. … The secret glory, this is whatever you want to call it … . It is there and if we don’t find it before we die then we’re doomed. We must find it, we must, it’s the only thing we’re made for, to try and […]