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You really go through different incarnations, in effect. That in any life your body changes, and where you live changes – the people in your life, your work, your habits. All that changes, so much that in effect you pass though several incarnations in any one biological span. And what I think is, if you […]


“No,” he said, and then it no longer mattered, what he knew, tasting the salt of her mouth where tears had dried. There was a strength that ran in her, something he’d known in Night City and held there, been held by it, held for a while away from time and death, from the relentless […]

Chrysalis (2007)

Stylowe połączenie policyjnego thrillera z science fiction, Chrysalis operuje bardziej na poziomie elementów niż całości. David Hoffman, paryski policjant, w otwierającej scenie filmu traci partnerkę (w sensie policyjnym)/żonę – zabójcą jest niejaki Nikolev, powiązywany z szeregiem zaginionych kobiet. Drugi główny wątek owinięty jest wokół znanej kardiolog, która próbując ratować życie ciężko rannej w wypadku córki, […]

The Scar

“It’s important,” he said. “It’s important you understand. I saw you – you’re afraid of the scars. You should know what it is that you see. Who rules us, their motivation and passion. Drive. Intensity. It is the scars,” he said, “that give Garwater its strength.”

Breath control

Who wouldn’t want a good girl, a soft hand, a gentle woman for a gentleman? He said, “It’s been fine so far but after a while I want more than a soft style. I want some slashes to go with those long eyelashes.” And so the bedroom became the black room but a year later […]

The Echo Maker

All the humans revered Crane, the great orator. Where cranes gathered, thier speech carried miles. The Aztecs called themselves the Crane people. * * * He lay awake, thinking of the answers he should have given, seeing the cracks in his ceiling a frozen synapses. Sometime after 3:00 a.m., it occurred to him that he […]

Jean-Luc Nancy

One day, the gods retreated. On their own, they retreated from their divinity, that is to say, from their presence. What remains of their presence is what remains of all presence when it absents itself: what remains is what one can say about it. What can be said about it is what remains when one […]