The Woods

What’s your particular intent?

Taking people to places that are completely unfamiliar to them. Basically dragging people into the woods.


That’s what turns me on, to do that.

Do you think people need it?

I need it and I like other people doing it to me. I wish people would do it more, I wish there were more opportunities to be dragged into the woods. I want to be manipulated – as if it’s some kind of dirty word – I want to be manipulated really fucking well if I’m going to see a film or listen to music or read a book. I want to be manipulated by a master and that master can play any tricks they want on me. That’s absolutely fair game. You’re playing them like an instrument. And it’s the best feeling in the world.

William Bennett, of WHITEHOUSE fame, in the “Invisible Jukebox” (The Wire 322, December 2010)

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