Suspect Zero (2004)

A brilliant brilliant movie. The script may not be very original but it still manages to sustain tension. It is, however, the cinematography that astounds. Mixing slick, atmospheric scenes a la Lynch circa Wild at Heart and grainy shots known from his early work, Merhige managed to make a movie which is pure visual pleasure. The cast of known faces (Eckhart, Kingsley, Moss) do a great job (especially Kingsley and Eckhart) and the Southwest appears in all its glory of open spaces and small towns, but what to my mind is even better is the sense of dread and threat that never leaves the plot. All the obligatory false clues for the viewers are here so the general conclusion does not coalesce to early (probably half to 2/3 of the way through the movie). This may not be too good but then again Suspect Zero is not really a detective procedural. Instead, it seems to be in the same vein as Salton Sea or Blind Horizon, in which the desolation of the setting equals the desolation of the soul.

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