Contemporary memory is deficient in that we do not really remember anything directly; we merely work backwards and extrapolate any event connected by circumstancial evidence – such as when we find a trout in the milk.

We are not truly connected to our past save for moments of intense crisis, emotion, danger, and so on. We are merely replaying tattered jerky films coated in dust.

We only truly remember when we are truly conscious. Which is a state which is becoming stranger and stranger to most people on the planet, as it slowly submerges itself under a thick heavy suffocating blanket of lies, jealousy, festering dreams, refracted vision, mutton dressed as lamb, and smaller and smaller cells for everyone to hide their imagined riches which fade away in countless silent drifts of static, rust and dust.

Effort is our money. We must pay the unpayable.

In Russian, the word “Will” means the same as “Freedom”.

The Harvest is Plentiful, But the Reapers are Few.


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