From Masocriticism by Paul Mann


Apocalyptic cults and youth gangs, colleges and phalansteries, espionage networks trading in vaporous facts and networks of home shoppers for illicit goods; monastic, penological, mutant-biomorphic, and anarcho-terrorist cells; renegade churches, garage bands, dwarf communities, norisk survivalist enclaves, unfunded quasiscientific research units, paranoid think tanks, unregistered political parties, subemployed workers’ councils, endo-exile colonies, glossolaliac fan clubs, acned anorexic primal hordes; zombie revenants, neo-fakirs, defrocked priests and detoxing prophets, psychedelic snake-oil shills, masseurs of overdiagnosed symptoms, bitter excommunicants, faceless narcissists, ideological drag queens, mystical technophiles, subentrepreneurial dealers, derivative derivistes, tireless archivists of phantom conspiracies, alien abductees, dupe factota, tardy primitives, vermin of abandoned factories, hermits, cranks, opportunists, users, connections, outriders, outpatients, wanna-bes, wanna-not-bes, hackers, thieves, squatters, parasites, saboteurs; wings, wards, warehouses, arcades, hells, hives, dens, burrows, lofts, flocks, swarms, viruses, tribes, movements, groupuscules, cenacles, isms, and the endlessly multiplied hybridization of variant combinations of all these,

and more.

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