The rebel

Moi after my meme-brother mkl after Dr. Hyatt ….

The rebel, the one who sought and tamed new frontiers, once revered as hero and mystic, is now turned into the sociopath. This transformation from hero to devil is partially a result of the tability demanded by those who come after him (the middle class) to live off the fruits of his courage and struggle, the mass which comes to fill the world carved by those who thrived on nature’s unpredictable chaotic qualities. Once the frontier is“tamed” Status Quo moves in and demands order. A place where they can build their nests and ensure the betterment of their genetic coils. Morality is in fact an invention for the Middle Class. It creates a notion of order and justice in the world. The truly Powerful do not require these fictions and the Poor…well, they know better.

What of the rebel now? If lucky, he became wealthy and powerful, and with that, mobile, able to keep out of reach of those who require tranquillity and predictability in order to breed. If unlucky, he is forcibly exiled, jailed or murdered.

However, this is not the end of the story, for Nature “knows” that it cannot survive without the rebel. She is born again and again, and when born into stability, taming is difficult. The child is incorrigible, delinquent, hyperactive, requiring Ritalin, psychotherapy, special education. If lucky, the child escapes with the deep scars of guilt, shame and self-hatred, but at least having a chance to find its own frontier. If unlucky, the child is tortured, jailed, or suffers from never-ending despair.

Hyatt “Undoing yourself” (247)

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