A gesture

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 23:18:33 +0000
From: Jhonn Balance
To: coil@hollyfeld.org
Subject: [coil] regarding a gesture

Hi all

Just a brief note at this difficult time – Ian and I both, and I’m
sure John also, feel about financial donations, flowers etc this:

Rather than send us anything – we have too much already – do one of the

1. Write the words “Jhonn Balance” on a small piece of paper, put it in
a hole in the ground or a pot, and plant a vegetable or tree over it.
Some people might want to anoint the paper with their own seed as well.
When you see the plant grow or even better when you eat the resulting
vegetable, know you have him beside (or inside) you.


2. If you see someone that needs some kind of small help or kindness,
do so, but say “there you are Jhonn Balance”, if only for the pleasure
of seeing the startled look on their face.
(It was a running joke between us that Jhonn (like Blanche Dubois from
Streetcar Named Desire) “often relied on the kindness of strangers”)

And to everyone that has sent messages so soon – thank you SO so much –
They are a massive comfort and help and mean a lot, even though
sometimes it IS hard to read emails through the tears!!!! B^) What is
the emoticon for that I wonder?

We will try to write back to everyone personally when Jhonn’s Dust has

Love to all

Sleazy and Ian

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