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I bring you life-with. It’s more than love. Love’s a hard, sad, dirty word, a cold word, an old word. It says too much and it promises too little. I bring you something much bigger than love. If you’re alive, you’re alive. If you’re alive-with, then you know the other life is there too—both of […]

Brendan Perry – Utopia

I feel greater than the sum of all my parts A domestic beast with a hairy heart Trapped within a walled suburbia I found my taste is somewhat underground Between the shadows and the cracks I’m building my Utopia I need to break free from all that binds That makes me old before my time […]

Literary forms that fed into sf

Literary forms that helped create the preconditions for the appearance of science fiction as a singular phenomenon in the late 19th century: * utopian fictions * fairy tales * classical myths * earthly paradises * folk stories about cockaigne * extraordinary voyages * millenarian fantasies * philosophical dialogues * technological blueprints * political manifestos and […]


[Anamorphosis] is a philosophy of false reality, or, more precisely, a poetics of alternative realities. An anamorphic image posits the coded presence of an almost unimaginable reality that momentarily obtrudes on ideologically constituted reality, thereby rendering it arbitrary, ontologically inconsistent [. . .] The effect of anamorphosis, philosophically speaking, is therefore that of extreme relativisation. […]

Szaniec wilcząt

artykuł w Technopolis/Polityce

Image and Portrait Making in Islam

Unfortunately, the stance of Islam on this issue has been grossly misunderstood. It is not true that Islam prohibits pictures and portraits in the absolute sense. Only pictures which cultivate sentiments of worship in people are prohibited. The bases of this view point are presented below: By collecting and analyzing all the Ahadith on portrait […]

Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory

Pt. I, Ch. 2, “L.A. Noir and Forgetting” “there are noir and apocalyptic scenarios that continually repeat in literature, film and the visual arts from Los Angeles. By the mid sixties, they take on an increasingly disengaged spirit, like a nightmare one watches through the windshield of a car” (81). Pt. V, Ch. 12, “Suburban […]

Being an editor

“I Re-wrote Those Motherfuckers From Scratch” Posted by Marc Bousquet on 01/05/10 at 03:26 PM Bérubé How many submissions did you receive for The Institution of Literature? Williams 385, not counting the nine essays you submitted, eight of which sucked, if you don’t mind my saying so. Bérubé Not at all. I totally respect your […]