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The Center of the World (2001)

Can a movie about a sex weekend in Vegas be good without sex? Yes. Co-written, among others, by Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt, this independent movie traces a couple who spend three days in LV following the financial arrangement of “no kissing, no penetration, 10pm to 2am only.” While there is – inevitably – some […]

Dave Szulborski

Dave Szulborski, the author of the fascinating This Is Not A Game, has passed away. More details here.

Suspect Zero (2004)

A brilliant brilliant movie. The script may not be very original but it still manages to sustain tension. It is, however, the cinematography that astounds. Mixing slick, atmospheric scenes a la Lynch circa Wild at Heart and grainy shots known from his early work, Merhige managed to make a movie which is pure visual pleasure. […]

Tom Clancy’s End War

Recenzja w Technopolis/Polityce.

J. G. Ballard died

from The Atrocity Exhibition CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE GENERATIONS OF AMERICA These are the generations of America. Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert F. Kennedy. And Ethel M. Kennedy shot Judith Birnbaum. And Judith Birnbaum shot Elizabeth Bochnak. And Elizabeth Bochnak shot Andrew Witwer. And Andrew Witwer shot John Burlingham. And John Burlingham shot Edward R. Darlington. And […]

The Arrival

A little exchange in Polish on this mind-blowing graphic novel.

Secret bible of the paleo-steampunks

Secret bible of the paleo-steampunks: Mayhew’s “London Labour and the London Poor” Posted by Cory Doctorow, April 14, 2009 7:08 AM | permalink On Sunday, I was on a panel about steampunk at the Eastercon in Bradford with Tim Powers, one of the original creators of steampunk literature (see his Anubis Gate). Halfway through, Powers […]

Eve Kosofsky-Sedgwick

.. died.


The Paleo-Future blog was started by Matt Novak in January of 2007. Matt has since become an accidental expert on past visions of the future, and has amassed the world’s largest (only?) library of media related to the study of paleo-futurism. Very interesting.


I turned in mid-bridge and looked back where we had walked, saw the miles of fossil-fuel blazing, the millenia of buried plant beds going up in smoke in an endless point-tapestry of yellows and fire-blue greens and incandescent whites – a rush of unstoppable, jarring intervals. No matter how I moved or where I stood, […]