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Google Earth launches online Prado art gallery

Not news anymore but I only checked “Las Meninas” last night – amazing.

John Updike

John Updike nie żyje

Rainbow repairman

WILMETTE, IL—In an effort to impress repairman Jason Delmar, 29, whom he called to fix a malfunctioning dishwasher, local resident Brad Osterberg played Merle Haggard’s 1968 album Mama Tried for the entire time Delmar was in his home, the 38-year-old intellectual property attorney told reporters Monday. “He didn’t say much, but I think we really […]

San Francisco

It’s an odd thing but anyone who disappears is said to be seen at San Francisco. (Oscar Wilde)

Giraud & Siboni

Last Manoeuvres in the Dark – here.

Laurie Anderson “Gravity’s Angel”

You can dance. You can make me laugh. You’ve got x-ray eyes. You know how to sing. You’re a diplomat. You’ve got it all. Everybody loves you. You can charm the birds out of the sky. but I, I’ve got one thing. You always know just what to say. And when to go. But I’ve […]

Not High Church at all

The Starry Wisdom Church was not 00005’s idea of a proper ecclesiastical shop by any means. The architecture was a shade too Gothic, the designs on the stained-glass windows a bit unpleasantly suggestive for a holy atmosphere (“My God, they must be bloody wogs,” he thought), and when he opened the door, the altar was […]

Have to Drive

Amanda Palmer “Have to Drive,” from Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008). Sublime. I have to drive I have my reasons, dear It’s cold outside I hate the seasons here I suffer mornings most of all I feel so powerless and small By ten o’clock I’m back in bed Fighting the jury in my head You […]

Latin-American transformations

Macondo – McOndo – Postm@condo – Mondo

Dead Space

Recenzja w Technopolis/Polityce.

The Gene Generation (2007)

Jeśli wszystkie filmy klasy B w ciagu ostatnich 20 czy 30 lat byłyby podobne do The Gene Generation (2007) to nikt by pewnie sobie nimi buzi nie wycieral. Historie nie jest byc moze zbyt oryginalna – korporacja z evil woman na czele rozwija technike manipulacji genetycznej, wszystko wymyka sie spod kontroli, świat ogarnia chaos, powstaja […]