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Leap Year

America is where only memory divides the present from the future, and where the unconscious dreams of the people who live here understand that the Declaration of Independence was signed after Hiroshima, not before, and neither has yet happened (33).    People with nuclear imagination not only conceive of the abyss and confront it, but […]

Cities of the Red Night

I didn’t want to write about this or what followed. Guayaquil, Lima, Santiago and all the others I didn’t see. The easiest victories are the most costly in the end. I have blown a hole in time with firecracker. Let others step through. Into what bigger and bigger firecrackers? Better weapons led to better and […]

New Pynchon

After LA Times: Rumors have begun circulating that Thomas Pynchon is at work on a new novel. And the rumors are pretty specific. Author Steven Moore has spoken to someone connected to Pynchon: The rep told me it’s around 400 pages, and is a kind of noir detective story set in the 1960s, with lots […]