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Generation Loss

I hate looking at bad reproductions of great photographs, and these online images were uniformly lousy. Generation loss – that’s what happens when you endlessly reproduce a photographic image. You lose authenticity, the quality deteriorates in each subsequent generation that’s copied from the original negative, and the original itself decays with time, so that every […]


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Heavy Rain

My polemic with the review in Technopolis/Polityka.

Szaniec wilcząt

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Uwag kilka subiektywnych na temat recenzowania

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Zeno Clash

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Dave Szulborski

Dave Szulborski, the author of the fascinating This Is Not A Game, has passed away. More details here.

Tom Clancy’s End War

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F.E.A.R. 2 – Project Origin

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2008 w grach – podsumowanie

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Dead Space

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Gamers Are Fitter (and Sadder) Than You Think

Interesting findings about MMORPG gamers – here.

Gaming good for you

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that game playing provides a “significant amount of social interaction and potential for civic engagement.” 97% of teens responding to the survey said they played games (75% played weekly or more often), and roughly two-thirds of teens use games as a social experience. The full report […]

Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games

The initial clue was so subtle that for nearly two days nobody noticed it. On February 10, 2007, the first night of Nine Inch Nails’ European tour, T-shirts went on sale at a 19th-century Lisbon concert hall with what looked to be a printing error: Random letters in the tour schedule on the back seemed […]

Making Statements With Video Games

You may have heard about the recent controversy at the Leipzig Games Conference over a modification of Space Invaders in which the invaders are slowly demolishing the World Trade Center. The creator intended it as an artistic expression, but has since removed the game, saying, “it was never created to merely provoke controversy for controversy’s […]

Mass Effect

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eXperience 112

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