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Harrowing Idealism

For all its close and intimate focus, These Dreams of You may well be today’s Great American Novel. Not just for its portraiture of universal American dreams and anxieties; not for its social scope; nor for its historical and political topicality, in which it deals in spades, but rather because of its painful sincerity, its […]


Very incisive but clearly elucidated thoughts on utopia, ecology, and the politics of now – by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Meat and math

“The story of the 21st century will be, in part, the story of the drawing and redrawing of these battle lines, the story of Homo sapiens trying to stake a claim on shifting ground, flanked by beast and machine, pinned between meat and math.” Love these last two images – the whole (not too complex […]

Mieville on metaphor

“I’ve been very interested in metaphor for several years, and it’s been cropping up in the books (and does in ones not yet out). I don’t know that I can say that much super-rigorous about it, but basically I got interested in, in distinction to some of my other ‘fantasy’ novels, the idea of magic […]


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Jean-Luc Nancy

“Between story and truth” Jean-Luc Nancy One day, the gods retreated. On their own, they retreated from their divinity, that is to say, from their presence. What remains of their presence is what remains of all presence when it absents itself: what remains is what one can say about it. What can be said about […]

Krzysztof Varga on Lost

Full text in Polish here.

Heavy Rain

My polemic with the review in Technopolis/Polityka.

Szaniec wilcząt

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This is the way movie reviews should be written. Or any kind of reviews. In fact, why don’t you go on and check out the entire website – it’s funny, informative and scary-smart to boot.

Uwag kilka subiektywnych na temat recenzowania

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Zeno Clash

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The 100 Greatest Writers Of All Time


Fever Ray “Keep the Streets Empty for Me”

Memory comes when memory’s old I am never the first to know Following the stream up North Where do people like us float There is room in my lap For bruises, asses, handclaps I will never disappear For forever, I’ll be here Whispering Morning, keep the streets empty for me I’m laying down eating snow […]

J. G. Ballard again

One of his best – if not off-center – obituaries produced after his death.


The American is a nomad. A bastard son. A criminal wherever he goes. Cut loose in his own country to wander and wage battle. The parents are merely stand ins and those who raise the child for its life of brutality along the highways and streets of the city where it scrapes along, in search […]

Dave Szulborski

Dave Szulborski, the author of the fascinating This Is Not A Game, has passed away. More details here.

Tom Clancy’s End War

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The Paleo-Future blog was started by Matt Novak in January of 2007. Matt has since become an accidental expert on past visions of the future, and has amassed the world’s largest (only?) library of media related to the study of paleo-futurism. Very interesting.

F.E.A.R. 2 – Project Origin

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I ________ having been subjected to the Rite of Christian Baptism in infancy (before reaching an age of consent), hereby publicly revoke any implications of that Rite and renounce the Church that carried it out. In the name of human reason, I reject all its Creeds and all other such superstition in particular, the perfidious […]

Stanley Fish – The Last Professor

In previous columns and in a recent book I have argued that higher education, properly understood, is distinguished by the absence of a direct and designed relationship between its activities and measurable effects in the world. This is a very old idea that has received periodic re-formulations. Here is a statement by the philosopher Michael […]