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Science fiction as revolution

It is possible then to think about SF not in the bourgeois terms of the novel, but as an experimental science. The object of study is not the ideological reproduction of SF, but a philosophical self-reflection upon these conditions of ideological reproduction. To read is to discover the absolute difference a novel has from its […]


I bring you life-with. It’s more than love. Love’s a hard, sad, dirty word, a cold word, an old word. It says too much and it promises too little. I bring you something much bigger than love. If you’re alive, you’re alive. If you’re alive-with, then you know the other life is there too—both of […]


[Anamorphosis] is a philosophy of false reality, or, more precisely, a poetics of alternative realities. An anamorphic image posits the coded presence of an almost unimaginable reality that momentarily obtrudes on ideologically constituted reality, thereby rendering it arbitrary, ontologically inconsistent [. . .] The effect of anamorphosis, philosophically speaking, is therefore that of extreme relativisation. […]

Image and Portrait Making in Islam

Unfortunately, the stance of Islam on this issue has been grossly misunderstood. It is not true that Islam prohibits pictures and portraits in the absolute sense. Only pictures which cultivate sentiments of worship in people are prohibited. The bases of this view point are presented below: By collecting and analyzing all the Ahadith on portrait […]

Post-genomic fiction

He wants to live long enough to witness a news, post-genomic fiction. one that grasps the interpenetrating loops of inheritance and upbringing so tangled that every cause is some other cause’s effect. One that, through a kind of collaborative writing, shakes free of the prejudices of any individual maker. For now, fiction remains at best […]

Brave New World

“You’re going to make us all happy. Is that the plan?” His eyebrows crumple and his lips sour. She’s hurt him, at least as much as he’s capable of being hurt by anyone. He shrugs off her mockery. “A little more capable of being well in the world. But not if you don’t want it, […]


I love the ashes. I love the endless smoky twilight of Los Angeles. I love walking along Sunset Boulevard past the bistros where the Hollywood trash have to brush the black soot off their salmon linguini in white wine sauce before they can eat it. I love driving across one black ring after another all […]

Endless Things

Because Beau, the only one she would have stayed with, was unclaimable – not all the nights she had spent by his side had let her into him, he would stop at her frontiers, always, or gently stop her at his own – and it was so painful and disorienting that she thought she had […]

Visionary cinema

At the dawn of cinema these two tendencies were already evident in the split between the brothers Lumiere and George Melies, for whereas the former concerned themselves with realist spectacles such as the arrival of a train at a station or people sitting around playing cards, Melies invented the special effect as a tool by […]

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James Elkins Six Stories from the End of Representation. Images in Painting, Photography, Astronomy, Microscopy, Particle Physics, and Quantum Mechanics, 1980-2000 Albert Sanchez Pinol Pandora w Kongu Michel Faber The Fire Gospel Richard Powers Generosity. An Enhancement

John Crowley’s Daemonomania

When the world ends, it ends somewhat differently for each soul then alive to see it; the end doesn’t come all at once but passes and repasses over the world like the shivers that pass over a horse’s skin. The coming of the end might at first lift and shake just one county, one neighborhood, […]

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Charless Stross Saturn’s Children Thomas Pynchon Inherent Vice Gustavo Nielsen Auschwitz Albert Sanchez Pinol Chlodny dotyk/La pell freda & Pandora w Kongu/Pandora al Congo Rudy Rucker Hylozoic

Inherent Vice

Next he rang up his Aunt Reet, who lived down the boulevard on the other side of the dunes in a more suburban part of town with houses, yards, and trees, because of which it had become known as the Tree Section. A few years ago, after divorcing a lapsed Missouri Synod Lutheran with a […]

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China Mieville The City and the City Siergiej Lukjanienko Labirynt odbic Bernard Werber Gwiezdny motyl Priscilla Wald Contagious. Cultures, Carriers and the Outbreak Narrative Southland Tales – graphic novels

100 Great American Novels You’ve (Probably) Never Read

A very interesting post about a very interesting book here. And I have actually read 16 of those – not sure what it says about my reading habits, though.


‘Because there’s nothing you can do about other people’s reactions,’ he said. ‘You be yourself and let them be themselves and if you don’t get what you want then tough, and if you do then good for you and that’s it. Everything else is manipulation and I spit on it. People waste their lives on […]


O Afryce mówi się, że to kontynent zapomniany. Oceania jest kontynentem niewidzialnym. Niewidzialnym, gdyż podróżnicy, którzy po raz pierwszy przybyli w tamte strony, nie dostrzegli go. A i dzisiaj jest jedynie miejscem tranzytu, bez znaczenia na arenie międzynardowej, poniekąd nie istnieje. “Przygoda” to słowo, które trzeba ocalić. To słowo, któremu zabrano sens. Dziś jest okaleczone, […]


I turned in mid-bridge and looked back where we had walked, saw the miles of fossil-fuel blazing, the millenia of buried plant beds going up in smoke in an endless point-tapestry of yellows and fire-blue greens and incandescent whites – a rush of unstoppable, jarring intervals. No matter how I moved or where I stood, […]

Latin-American transformations

Macondo – McOndo – Postm@condo – Mondo

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio – Nobel lecture

Have just finished reading everything available in Polish – what a great writer! His Nobel Prize lecture – here.


New (and last) novel by Robert Bolaño – VERY mind-blowing.

Leap Year

America is where only memory divides the present from the future, and where the unconscious dreams of the people who live here understand that the Declaration of Independence was signed after Hiroshima, not before, and neither has yet happened (33).    People with nuclear imagination not only conceive of the abyss and confront it, but […]

The Steel Remains (2008)

Richard Morgan’s latest is a fantasy novel – a dreadful thought for those actually in love with his blend of future noir, cyberpunk and thriller from practically all previous novels. Good news is – it’s all good here. The Steel Remains is very very brilliant, very very off-beat, and very very non-typical. In fact, it […]